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Mechanical Services:

We offer Full Marine Service to meet all your boating needs. We have listed our general services and prices below. If you have further questions or concerns regarding particular services, please send us an email at info@eastbaylanding.com. 

  • Mechanical labour: $45 minimum; $95/hr
  • Service call: $55 minimum; $110/hr
  • Motor oil change: starting at $100
  • Gear oil change: starting at $80
  • Mineral hull wash (Acid Wash): 140 with Storage; $180 without
  • Detailing: $65/hr
  • Buffing & Waxing: $58/ft 

Water Taxi:

  • Water Taxi: $50 minimum / taxi
  • Boat jockying (water): $40 minimum; $80/hr

Yard Services:

  • Battery Boost: $10 minimum 
  • Air Compressor: $10 minimum
  • Ramp Fee: $15/use during store hours; $20/use after hours
  • Barge Loading / Unloading: $25 materials staged


  • Forklift + Driver: $10 minimum; $100/hr
  • Boat Moving / Loading: $35 up / $35 down

Barge Rental:

  • Pontoon Barge (8' x 24'): $100/hr; $210/half day; $332/full day; $1,329/week; $3,988/month

Oil Changes:

Engine Oil Change (Includes new filter)

  • > 9.9hp Outboard: $100
  • < 50hp Outboard: $120
  • < 50hp Outboard, Inboard: $140
  • PWC: $140
  • Volvo / Synthetic: $160
  • Verado: $180

Gear Oil Change

  • > 9.9hp Outboard: $80
  • < 9.9hp Outboard: $100
  • Inboard/Outboard (I/O): $120
  • Volvo / Synthetic: $160
Prices are subject to 13% HST.  Prices are subject to change without notice.  Please obtain a quote for exact pricing.


Mid-grade and Ethanol-Free

Why should I buy ethanol-free gas?

Ethanol-free gas is 100% pure gasoline. Here are 3 reasons why we pride ourselves in selling straight fuel.

  1. Ethanol gas is harmful on the engine. Ethanol deteriorates various components within the fuel system.
  2. Pure gasoline allows you to achieve greater mileage as it produces more power and energy. Instead, ethanol mixed gasoline tends to decrease performance and consequently it negatively impacts the fuel economy.
  3. Pure gasoline has a longer life span. Ethanol mixed gas is less efficient as the fuel breaks down at a quicker rate. As a result the fuel can become stale. This can cause further damage on your engine.


  • 20lbs & 100lbs Propane Cylinder Swaps
  • Bagged Ice
  • Marine Parts & Products (we take order requests)
  • 18L Water Jug Swaps 
  • Confectionary Goods
    • Drinks, Chips, Ice Cream and More!
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