East Bay Landing

Welcome to Lake Muskoka!

Meet the Landing Crew of 2016

We've had a fantastic summer with the Landing Crew of 2016 !

Ryan and Shannon Farley were at the helm of East Bay Landing Marina for their 6th Summer season and counting. Together, they welcomed back George Fleming for his 6th season at the marina. Tom Cowan also returned for his 4th summer with the Crew. Another familiar face this summer was Andrew Coote, who returned for his 2nd Summer with the Crew. The Landing Crew had two new faces to welcome this summer: Tyson Bartlett and Xander Hutchison. Together, the crew of 7 enjoyed another outstanding summer in Muskoka !

Thank you for taking the time to get to know the members of our Landing Crew, we look forward to getting to know you better as well.




The Landing Crew 2016 (from left to right): Andrew Coote, Tom Cowan, Ryan Farley, George Fleming, Tyson Bartlett, Xander Hutchison, Shannon Farley & the very lucky Wesley Crusher (our marina dog)

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